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Components of Proactive Health and Well-Being Model: The “Circle of Health” Large light blue circle that says “community”. Inside that circle is a dark blue circle that says “Prevention & Treatment” on the left and “Conventional & Complementary Approaches” on the right. Inside of that is a bright green circle. Overlaid on the bright green circle are smaller white circles. Clockwise from the top they say “Moving the Body; Energy & Flexibility,” “Surroundings; Physical &Emotional,” “Personal Development; Personal Life & Work Life,” “Food & Drink; Nourishing & Fueling,” “Recharge; Sleep & Refresh,” “Family, Friends & Co-workers; Relationships,” “Spirit & Soul; Growing & Connecting,” and “Power of the Mind; Relaxing & Healing.” At the center of this graphic is a small blue circle that says “Me.” Above the circle it says “Mindful” and below the circle it says “Awareness”.

What is Whole Health?

Whole Health is a new way to think about health and well-being in our own lives and in health care settings. It shifts the mindset away from the disease or other problem at hand to the reasons we want our health in the first place by beginning with the question “What really matters to you?” instead of “What’s the matter with you?”

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