Eating for Whole Health

About the Course

Eating for Whole Health (14 CEU) is a two-day advanced, stand-alone clinical education course designed to introduce VA clinicians to the Whole Health approach as it relates to a fundamental aspect of self-care – nutrition. It is informed by the latest research in nutrition and is designed for clinicians who are likely to incorporate nutrition recommendations into Veterans’ Personal Health Plans. The target audience for this course is providers, nurses, and a broad array of specialty clinicians who may not have received extensive training in nutrition.

The curriculum was developed as part of a collaboration by Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation, University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine faculty, OPCC&CT, VA clinicians, and other subject matter experts. The course is delivered by doctors and clinicians from the University of Wisconsin in conjunction with VA faculty (National Education Champions).

Credit hours are available (ACCME, ACCME-NP, ACPE, APA, ANCC, ASWB, CDR, CA-BRN, ACHE, and NYSED SW) for this course. To complement onsite learning, there are also extensive online resources such as overviews and tools, which cover best practices for more than 30 medical conditions from a Whole Health perspective. There are also free online courses through TMS and several videos that illustrate the Whole Health approach on the OPCC&CT website.

This course was delivered at 5 facilities as large centralized trainings in FY17-18, and will spread to 11 additional facilities as large centralized trainings in FY19. Nearly 500 VHA clinicians have completed the face-to-face course, providing data for extensive evaluation to prove the efficacy of the Whole Health approach. Participants continued their learning through monthly Whole Health Clinical Community of Practice Calls.

For more information on course schedule and faculty, refer to the full brochure.

Whole Health face-to-face courses are only available to VA employees. To learn more about how to apply Whole Health in your practice, review the Passport to Whole Health and implementation overviews. If you are a VA employee interested in participating in a Whole Health course, refer to the OPCC&CT Intranet and SharePoint Education Hub at the bottom of this page.

One-Week Menu and Recipes

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