Whole Health 200 Series: Clinical Care

Whole Health 202:
Implementing Whole Health in Clinical Care

This half-day course focuses on ways to incorporate health at the levels of one-on-one patient care, teams, as well as in the larger system.

About the Course

Whole Health 202 is an intensive, highly practical 4-hour experience for busy VA clinicians and clinical teams that provides additional skills and tools to make clinical practice more effective, efficient and satisfying. According to research, the vast majority of patients with chronic disease do not feel they are able to effectively support their own self-care and self-management. Whole Health 202 provides clinicians and teams with a quick-start guide for helping patients optimize their own health and well-being.


  • Enhance skill in co-creating shared goals with patients
  • Optimize the potential healing impact of a therapeutic relationship, including effectively conveying empathy and caring
  • Improve ability to have skillful conversations that facilitate behavior change
  • Optimize outcomes by effectively utilizing different interprofessional team members, including traditional team members, as well as patients, families, peers, health coaches, CIH (Complementary and Integrative Health) professionals, etc.
  • Incorporate Complementary and Integrative Health approaches into the care of patients as appropriate
  • Use force multipliers to support Whole Health Clinical Care, including leveraging teams and systems approaches, to work smarter, not harder

Refer to the brochure for course agenda.

Whole Health face-to-face courses are only available to VA employees. To learn more about how to apply Whole Health in your practice, refer to our implementation, self-care, and professional care overviews. If you are a VA Employee interested in participating in a Whole Health course, refer to the OPCC&CT Intranet and SharePoint Education Hub at the bottom of this page.

Course Brochure


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