Whole Health for Mental Health

About the Course

Whole Health for Mental Health explores how Whole Health can support mental health care in the VA.  This two-day course shifts the perspective away from mind-body dualism and toward a system of care where mental health is seamlessly incorporated as a core aspect of whole-person care.  The course highlights the connections between mental health (and Power of the Mind) and each of the components of the Circle of Health, including mindful awareness and the various aspects of self-care (e.g. Food and Drink, Moving the Body, Surroundings, Spirit and Soul, Personal Development, Recharge, and Family, Friends, and Co-Workers).  It focuses on the importance of professional care provided by well-informed, carefully-coordinated transdisciplinary teams.  Course participants discuss the latest research in complementary and integrative health (CIH) related to mental health care within a broader context.  They learn about resources that can inform “Whole Mental Health,” and they explore how to overcome the stigma that often surrounds mental health conditions and their treatment.  In short, this course is designed to help clinicians bridge mental health care with every other aspect of Veterans’ lives.

Whole Health for Mental Health is designed for clinicians who support Veterans who have mental health conditions.  It is intended to support anyone who would like to focus more on “Power of the Mind” as they are helping Veterans create PHPs, including Whole Health Partners.  The course focuses on prevention of mental health problems as well as their treatment.  Whole Health for Mental Health draws from the group wisdom of participants and gives them the opportunity to network, share their successes and challenges, and explore how to make care in VA even better.

The course is built upon innovative approaches that are already being used by some clinicians to support mental health and health in general.  An individualized approach to care that is based on a person’s core values is central, and the course draws in positive psychology, the recovery model, psychotherapeutic approaches, posttraumatic growth, and the best that conventional care and CIH have to offer.

Whole Health face-to-face courses are only available to VA employees. To learn more about how to apply Whole Health in your practice, review the Passport to Whole Health and implementation overviews. If you are a VA employee interested in participating in a Whole Health course, refer to the OPCC&CT Intranet and SharePoint Education Hub at the bottom of this page.

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Whole Health for Mental Health