Whole Health Mentor Training

About the Course

This is an experiential, 2 ½ day training, designed to empower and equip participants (mentors) to support and enhance the services provided by the Whole Health Pathway including WH Health Coaches, TCMLH Facilitators and WH Partners.

What is this mentoring program about?

In order to ensure fidelity, Mentors will be trained to:

  • Know the services provided via the Whole Health Pathway, and the unique skills and challenges required for successful delivery
  • Provide ongoing skill training and mentoring to staff providing Whole Health Pathway services
  • Ensure fidelity through effective feedback with ongoing observations of staff
  • Lead regular meetings that further enhance the learning of staff
  • Articulate the role of the mentor in relationship to other superviseral chains
  • Work in community with a network of mentors from other locations as well as designated OPCC&CT staff

Who should apply?

  • VA staff who have a strong interest and enthusiasm for Whole Health and want to support its evolution
  • VA staff with evidence of attitude and ability to become successful mentor of WH Pathway staff
  • VA staff who have designated time to further enhance the skills of WH Pathway staff
  • Examples of VA staff include, but are not limited to:
    • Health Behavior Coordinators
    • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Coordinators
    • Highly Skilled WH Coaches
    • Healthy Living Team members
    • Whole Health Program Manager
    • Patient Centered Care Coordinator

What are the benefits of this program?

  • Mentors will become an important team member in ensuring fidelity of WH Pathway offerings at their respective location
  • Mentors will play a critical role in ensuring that Whole Health is effectively delivered to Veterans by WH Pathway staff
  • Mentors will be trained to support and enhance the ongoing training of WH Pathway staff, empowering and equipping them to be their best
  • Ongoing COP skill development
  • Refer to the course brochure for faculty bios and an agenda.

Whole Health face-to-face courses are only available to VA employees. To learn more about how to apply Whole Health in your practice, review the Passport to Whole Health and implementation overviews. If you are a VA employee interested in participating in a Whole Health course, refer to the OPCC&CT Intranet and SharePoint Education Hub at the bottom of this page.

Course Brochure


Course Workbook