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The Whole Health Partner training course will equip Whole Health Partners and Whole Health Program Managers with a core skill set to implement the concepts and components of the Whole Health Pathway.  This knowledge will be specific to the services available within the Whole Health System, offerings within the Pathway, and resources available in Wellness and Complementary and Integrative Health circles.  Following this course, Whole Health Partners will be well-versed in engaging Veterans (in groups, one-on-one, and telephonically) and introducing them to Whole Health, the Whole Health System, and the Pathway program options including the Four-Stage Whole Health Process for navigating change and the Personal Health Inventory/Personal Health Pathway tools.

This Whole Health Partner Skills training course is a 2-day course reserved for participants who have previously attended the Whole Health Facilitated Groups Course or Whole Health Coaching Course.

Whole Health face-to-face courses are only available to VA employees. To learn more about how to apply Whole Health in your practice, review the Passport to Whole Health and implementation overviews. If you are a VA employee interested in participating in a Whole Health course, refer to the OPCC&CT Intranet and SharePoint Education Hub at the bottom of this page.


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