Chronic Pain

Portrait of mature woman against white background.

What would you recommend?

Elena is a 55-year-old retired Army officer who works for a nearby Air Force base in a high level administrative position.  In the past year, she developed ongoing neck pain and right knee pain, which she manages with oxycodone twice daily. In addition, the mild depressive symptoms she has dealt with intermittently in her life have become more persistent over the past few months.  Her sleep quality is also decreasing and she has gained 10 pounds in the past year.

What would you tell Elena and how would you implement a Whole Health approach to care?

Our Chronic Pain overview provides additional information about Elena and explains how complementary and integrative approaches such as supplements, acupuncture, and manipulation therapies can be incorporated into a health care plan to manage the physical and emotional components of chronic pain. We also offer Whole Health tools on specific topics related to chronic pain below.

evidenced-based overview of chronic pain